We Welcome the New Europeana Creative Website

Author: Kristin Dill

You might have noticed that some things have changed over at the Europeana Creative website. (For those of you who are new to our blog, Europeana Creative is a European project coupling creative industries and cultural heritage led by the Austrian National Library).Thanks to the developers at Europeana and their nine months of hard work, the site has had a “professional” makeover. You will still be able to access all of the content from the old site, but now you will be able to use new and exciting features such as a clearer navigational structure, an improved upcoming events section, better social media sharing options and a responsive design for your mobile or tablet.

Europeana-Creative-WebsiteScreenshot of the Europeana Creative Website’s Homepage

To see what a great job Europeana has done, head on over and check it out! Or, take a look at the new Europeana Professional website. A good place to start is here, especially if you want to know more about Europeana Professional’s makeover or leave feedback!

*This is a condensed version of “Welcome to the New Europeana Creative Website” published on the Europeana Creative blog.


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