Are you hungry for a challenge? Reworking Digital Heritage of Food and Drink to Create Material Productions

Author: Angelika Leitner


Still Life with Cheese, Floris Claesz von Dijck,

Europeana Food and Drink, a project promoting the wider re-use of the digital cultural resources is launching its third and final Open Innovation Challenge.

Creatives and craftsmen all over Europe are invited to participate and use the Europeana Digital Library collections to create 2D or 3D products around the theme of food and drink. This can vary from all kind of objects such as glasses, wine bottles, boxes used for product packaging, tools, stickers & logos or handicraft products for educational or commercial use. By promoting the creation of physical objects from digital objects available in Europeana, the Third Open Innovation Challenge aims to connect the food and drink heritage, the agri-food productions, and the creative industry.

The submitted production must be documented by a video to be uploaded on the platform until 20th of December 2015. Videos that present and explain a new product and the production method will be uploaded and made available through Europeana.

Each of the two winning products – one for 2D category and one for 3D category – will receive € 2.000,00 in cash, funded by the Europeana Food and Drink Project.  Winners  will be presented at the Third Challenge Award Event, taking place on January 29th, 2016 in Sevilla, Spain.

Together with 28 partners from all over the European Union, the Research and Development Department of the Austrian National Library is working on making artefacts, images, paintings, books, manuscripts, and other objects available to capture the traditions and to document the development of European food and drink culture. Europeana Food and Drink promotes the creative re-use of digital contents such as long forgotten recipes and cookbooks, images and drawings showing traditional foods and their preparation or remarkable food locations. The support of cultural heritage organisations in development of commercial partnerships with Creative Industries is demonstrating that relevant digital content available through Europeana can provide a solid basis for the development of innovative and commercially viable applications and services.

For further information on the project and challenge, please have a look at our factsheet and refer to the Europeana Food and Drink Website.