Europeana Sounds (Re)Discovery Event on the 2nd of June 2016 at the Austrian National Library

Since the Austrian National Library is a project partner within Europeana Sounds, we have the great opportunity to host an event highlighting a part of the collection we provided within the project: The “Beethoven meets Liszt” (Re)Discovery Event.

What is it about?

You might wonder what a (Re)Discovery Event exactly is. It refers to a series of events organised by several partners within the Europeana Sounds project.

Focusing on the words “discovery” or “rediscovery” one or several items of their collections will be presented and listened to. These might be very known “star items” and are therefore somehow rediscovered or represented during this event or they may be pretty unknown items and have therefore maybe just been discovered or are presented for the first time.

Einladung Europeana Sounds Event

What can you expect?

A presentation of two very special items from our content which was contributed within Europeana Sounds: First  Ludwig van Beethoven’s Spring Sonata op. 24 for violin and piano and second an autographic draft of the piano arrangement of the 2nd movement of Ludwig van Beethoven’s 6th Symphonie op. 68 the Pastorale by Franz Liszt.

These star items be presented by the head of our music department Dr. Thomas Leibnitz and put to music by Dianne Baar (piano) and Marie Isabel Kropfitsch (violin).

When and where?

The event is held on Thursday, 2nd of June at 7pm at the music department of the Austrian National Library. (Salon Hoboken, Palais Mollard, Herrengasse 9, 1010 Vienna)

Curious to (re)discover “Beethoven meets Liszt” with us? Please register via

You can take a look at the detailed programme of the event here.

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