Rediscovered sounds at the Palais Mollard: Beethoven meets Liszt

Last week, on the 2nd of June, the Austrian National Library hosted the Europeana Sounds (Re)Discovery Event.

RDBLOG1.11It gave us the possibility to highlight two very special items, which we contributed within the project.

Starting with a short welcome, the event proceeded with an introduction to Europeana and Europeana Sounds. Afterwards the role of the music department of the Austrian National Library and the content that was made available within Europeana Sounds were discussed.

RDBlog2The main part of the programme consisted of two presentations by Dr. Thomas Leibnitz, head of the music department. The first manuscript was Ludwig van Beethoven’s Spring Sonata for piano and violin op. 24 and second was an autographic draft of a piano arrangement by Franz Liszt of the second movement of Beethoven’s 6th Symphony – the Pastorale.

RDblog3After each presentation the pieces were beautifully played by Dianne Baar (piano) and Marie Isabel Kropfitsch (violin) and the audience was exhilarated by the performances.

The evening ended with a culinary get-together.



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