About us

This blog features news from the Research and Development Department of the Austrian National Library. The Department is part of the Austrian National Library’s Digital Library Division and has been involved in a number of national and international innovation projects on digital library issues. We develop innovative tools and prototypes, which form the basis for the evolution and optimization of services and processes in the Austrian National Library. The department cooperates with a number of international institutions and acts as a partner in many European research projects. For more details, please see the department website.

The Austrian National Library

The Austrian National Library is the central academic library of the Republic of Austria and currently houses more than 9,8 Mio. objects. A cultural heritage institution with a rich tradition going back to the 14th century, the Austrian National Library is also home to one of the five most important historical book collections internationally, which is currently being made available online through the project Austrian Books Online. In addition to the research activities of the Digital Library, the Austrian National Library is involved in various research projects in the context of its eight collections and four museums. The focus of these projects can be found in the humanities, cultural studies, the history of science and library science.

You can read the mission statement of the Austrian National Library here.

Fun Fact: We are known in the international library community as ONB, which is an acronym made from our German name: Österreichische Nationalbibliothek. That is why our blog name is R&D@ONB.

Our research focus

Currently, our research focus is in the following areas:

  • Large-scale digitization and OCR
  • Digital preservation
  • Scalable Data Management Infrastructures
  • Digital Humanities
  • (Linked) Open Data
  • Europeana

Current projects

Completed projects


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